Placing an Order

A short video to show you how to place an order in

If you have  created your account and added your child(ren) you are now ready to place an order. To place an order

  1. Click on the Orders Tab on the left Navigation Menu
  2. Click "New Order" from the sub menu
  3. Then click "ORDER" to the right of the name of the child for whom you are placing your order

Following the steps above will bring you to a list of menu(s) available for your child.

  • Select the appropriate menu and click "ORDER" against that particular menu on the extreme right.

Following the step above you are now at the Menu screen that is either in a list or calendar format. The example below is in calendar format. You can the + sign next to the item you want to order. Once done with your selections you can click CHECKOUT on the top right corner to pay for your order. We have a few features on our ordering screen that could help you order efficiently, click here to learn more.

On the payment screen select "PAY INVOICE"