Adding Children

Once you have  Created your account, you are now ready to add Child(ren).

  • Login to your
  • Click on the Children Tab on the Left Navigation Panel
  • And then click on Add Child on the top right.

This should bring you to a pop-up screen to add your child, you will need a School code given to you by your Food Service Provider. Complete the information on the popup.

  • Campus Code - Given to you by your School Food Service Provider should is case sensitive.
  • Default Drink - If your Food Service Provider offers a drink with the meal, they may offer you a choice to enter it here so save time picking the same drink with every meal. If a default drink is chosen you always have the option to change it for meals if you wish. This is only a time saver and is not mandated.
  • Allergens - If you child is allergic to certain items please check them here. However do not reply on this aid solely. Please inform your Food Service provider in person as well.

Hit Create to add a child and repeat the process for multiple children.