Default Drink Option

If your school allows for the default drinks option, you (the parent) will have the option of setting a default beverage for your child. This convenient option allows you to save time when ordering meals for your children by setting a specific drink to always be added to your child's meal without manually choosing one. For example, if your child always prefers Apple Juice, you can set Apple Juice as your child's default (favorite) drink, and every time Apple Juice is a choice on the menu, Apple Juice will be preselected for them. 

Please note that a default drink added to a child's profile will automatically be added to their order on the drinks available days.


1. You can choose a default drink for their kids or leave it blank to choose manually. 

2. You can always override the preselected drink before placing your order. 

Please see the following steps to add a default drink to your child's account: 

1. Login to your Hotlunch parent account

2. Go to your Children's Page 

3. Click on your child's name you'd like to add a default drink to, you will be directed into your Child's Settings Page.

4. Once on your Child's Settings Page, go to Default Drink and select the beverage you would like to set as your child's default. 

5. Hit SUBMIT to save the changes you've made to your child's account.